Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Try

Since (surprisingly) I got pretty good responds on my 'Aint No Sunshine cover' on YouTube, I decided to give another try.

This time I did a cover of Bob Marley's Redemption Song.
It is a very difficult song.. but I gave it a try.

Here's the link on YouTube:


  1. DUDE!! combine this with your ability to mix and cut beats together, and record a goddamn cd!!

  2. hey man! I didnt know you play...and sing.. pretty cool,not bad at all!, you have a good voice.

  3. RIOO my man! I still cant beleive i ran into your blog! Sweeet blog! your friggn awesome i didnt know you played guitar! you playing guitar reminds me of the awesome songs you mixed.
    still playing soccer? let me know if you still have the same number? il txt you my new number if you do, so if your ever in toronto give me a call!

  4. Rio...I got shivers man!! holy sheet! awesome job man, ur a man of many talents!! But can you play guitar, sing, animate, draw layouts, and play soccer all at the same time??

  5. Rio!...why dont i see you posting? :(